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Family Affair: United by Work, Bound by Family – Cousins LaMonica and Tina at The Hickman

April 23, 2024

Part of the “It’s a Family Affair at The Hickman” Series

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Have you ever found a place to work that you love so much that you want your loved ones to work there, too?

We’re a few months into our spotlight series on some of the dozens of employees of The Hickman who have done just that: made it their home away from home, proving how much working here feels like family and truly is family. Come along as we share the story of cousins LaMonica Anderson, Human Resources Manager, and Tina Wright, caregiver and 2022-23 Argentum All-Star Apprentice of the Year, in the third installment of our Family Affair series.

Contrary to our earlier family spotlights, LaMonica and Tina came to work at The Hickman not by way of one of them recruiting the other but by the recruitment efforts of mutual friend and colleague Renee Adams, Admissions Specialist at The Hickman. It all started in 2018 when Tina joined The Hickman family. A few years later, Renee reached out to LaMonica – who was working as a case manager for a home care agency at the time – about a couple of open positions at The Hickman and encouraged her to come on board. LaMonica recalls the timing not being ideal for a job change, but knowing her cousin Tina also worked at The Hickman and loved it, she decided to pursue the opportunity anyway—and the rest is history.

Through our conversation, one thing is clear: the unique culture of The Hickman is one of the best things about working here. “Before I came here, I didn’t know much about Quakerism. Now I know it’s about applying its principles daily and simply doing right by people, and that makes for a very different culture here than anywhere else.”

That culture of mutual respect and appreciation filters down to the staff and the residents of The Hickman, which Tina has no hesitation in citing as her favorite part of working here. “My co-workers, I, and the residents … we brighten each other’s days. We really need each other. I could be having a rough day, and a resident will come and say something to me and bring a smile to my face.”

At the core of The Hickman’s close-knit atmosphere is a commitment to caring and fostering relationships, characteristics of The Hickman that convinced both LaMonica and Tina that it was a good fit for them. “The relationships I have with my peers, understanding each other and working together—that is what has made me realize this is the right place for me,” says LaMonica. “We truly care about what each of us is going through and making sure everyone feels heard,” explains Tina.

So, for the burning question: what’s it like to work with your cousin? “It can be tricky working with a family member, depending on personalities,” says LaMonica, “but I love working with my cousin. We see each other at family events, but by working with her, I get to see her every day.” Tina agrees, going on to describe how being held to a higher standard by her cousin is simply further encouragement to strive for excellence—and neither of them would have it any other way.

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