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The Hickman Legacy: 132 Years of Remarkable Generosity

December 12, 2023

132 years ago, two courageous women spoke up for those in our town who needed help, leading a community effort that would bring much-needed assistance to those in need. Friends listened and acted. Simple gestures, magnified by their sharing of them, led to decades of safety: a home for those who would otherwise be without comfort. Now, over a century, The Hickman’s focus has been caring for seniors in a manner that cherishes and respects their individuality. The 1890 vision of Sallie Sharpless and Lydia Hall has led to a legacy of hope…and home.Historical archives offer a glimpse into the foundation of The Hickman’s enduring legacy. In 1892, The Hickman embarked on its very first capital campaign, and the donations it received ranged from as little as $1 to as much as $34. To put that into perspective, those donations would equal $34 to $17,000 in today’s currency. Fast forward to 1935, when Nathaniel G. Hickman left over $1 million to The Hickman in his will—a gift that continues to support residents at The Hickman to this day. To truly grasp the magnitude of this gift, consider that Nathaniel’s generous donation would be equivalent to over $33 million in today’s terms.

Nathaniel’s extraordinary generosity speaks volumes about his unwavering belief in The Hickman’s mission and purpose. We believe it’s a mission that will also resonate deeply with you. We extend an invitation to you to become a part of our enduring legacy. Through the generous support of donors like you, The Hickman empowers seniors to explore the richness of all life’s possibilities.

The Hickman Legacy from The Hickman on Vimeo.

In a world where time moves swiftly and change is the only constant, The Hickman stands as a testament to the enduring power of generosity and the indomitable spirit of those who believe in the cause of caring for and supporting our seniors. As we reflect on The Hickman’s 132-year legacy of remarkable generosity, let us remember that the true value of a legacy lies not just in its longevity but in the positive impact it continues to make on the lives of those it serves. Join us in preserving and enriching The Hickman legacy, ensuring it remains a beacon of hope, care, and compassion for generations.

Generations of Care from The Hickman on Vimeo.

Please view The Hickman 2022 Annual Report to learn more about our 132 years of providing a safe and comfortable home to our residents. When You’re Here, You’re Home.