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Questions to ask on a Senior Living Tour

August 6, 2021

When we decide to start our journey into a retirement community, it might come with a whirlwind of questions, concerns, and confusion. But what better way to have all of these answered than when taking a tour of the community you are interested in? To better prepare yourself, we have listed the most common questions asked during the initial inquiry call and tour. Do not be afraid to take notes and ask lots of questions. Our Admissions Specialist at The Hickman is always happy to answer any questions you may have along your journey into a senior living community.

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Questions To Ask When Taking A Tour of A Senior Living Community

  1. What type of care do you offer?
  2. What amenities do you offer?
  3. Can you assist with medication management?
  4. What are your visitation policies?
  5. Can you explain life at the facility for a resident?
  6. What is the cost of living here for a studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, etc?
  7. What are my financial options?
  8. What is included in my rent and what additional services are extra?
  9. What distinguishes your facility from others?
  10. Are staff onsite 24/7 and how do you keep residents safe
  11. Do you have an in-house physician or can I continue with my current physician
  12. What are your dining amenities like? How many meals a day are served?
  13. What type of safety and security measures do you have in place?
  14. What apartments are available?
  15. Is there a waitlist?
  16. Are you offering any promotions?
  17. Do you offer hospice or end-of-life care?
  18. Are there available options if I need more care?
  19. What are the next steps if I am interested in pursuing your community further?
  20. Do you offer transportation?
  21. Ask for a sample menu and activities schedule
  22. Are you private pay or do you take insurance?

Selecting a senior living community can be a difficult decision. Ask plenty of questions until you feel satisfied that you understand the options, policies, and benefits of the community. Use these questions as you tour to help you confidently reach a final choice. If you are interested in touring our West Chester senior living community, our staff is happy to show you around and answer your questions.

The Hickman offers Personal Care and Memory Care, if you are interested in learning more, call or email Renee Adams in Admissions at (484) 209-1535 /