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The Hickman: Bridging Tradition and Innovation with the Launch of its State-of-the-Art Website

March 29, 2024


A Family Affair: The Hickman’s Uplifting Story of Mother-Daughter Collaboration

March 19, 2024


Legacy Decluttering: Step-by-Step Guide to Compiling Your Legacy Binder

March 12, 2024


Leap Day Reflections: Preserving Community Wisdom in The Hickman’s Time Capsule

February 29, 2024


Making the Right Move: When and How to Downsize for Seniors

January 30, 2024

The new year is a time when many of us feel as though the year ahead is a blank slate, ready for resolutions and redefining our goals. Some seniors may find themselves thinking about their future in their homes. When is it time to downsize? It’s a big decision and not one that is usually taken lightly. How do you know if it might be right for you? How do you even begin?


Demystifying Hospice Care: Providing Comfort, Dignity, and Support at the End of Life

January 23, 2024

Hospice care can be hard to talk about. Many of us might not be familiar with it, and those of us who are familiar with it tend to associate it with impending loss. It’s true that hospice care is offered to those who are thought to be nearing the end of life; but when we start to peel back the layers of what’s involved in hospice, we realize it’s so much more than that.


A Family Affair: Working and Thriving Together at The Hickman

January 15, 2024

It’s not often that you find a place to work that you love so much that you want to recruit those you know to work there, too. The Hickman is one of those places; not only does its close-knit atmosphere attract employees who want to stay, but it is truly a family affair for over a dozen of its employees!


Seniors Guide to Get Better Sleep in the Winter

January 10, 2024

Do you ever feel like all you want to do in the winter is rest and relax? It’s not just you. Believe it or not, research shows that people indeed sleep more (and need it, too!) in the winter months than during warmer times of the year. Getting good sleep is important for seniors for several reasons: it affects mood, metabolism, memory, and the immune system—to name a few. Here’s all you need to know to get a good night’s rest every night this winter and feel your best.


Winter Reading Recommendations: Classics Book Club’s Picks for 2024

January 2, 2024

In the blink of an eye, the holidays are behind us. With the hustle and bustle over, many of us will be settling into winter hibernation mode to get through the cold, bleak days of January that seem to drag on forever. What better time than now to gear up for a season of curling up with a good book? Perhaps you’ll even kickstart a new habit or hobby for the new year and many more.


Unwrapping the Magic: Christmas Memories and Nostalgia from Our Residents

December 19, 2023

In the words of John Williams in his song “Somewhere in My Memory,” much of our Christmas nostalgia seems to center on “feeling that gingerbread feeling.” What exactly is that you ask? I like to think it’s that unique sense of warmth and coziness you get at Christmas.