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Memory Care Past and Purpose for Peace in the Present

Memory Care: Past and Purpose for Peace in the Present

August 1, 2023

There are plenty of options for finding senior care that best fits you or those of your loved one. One choice is memory care – have you heard of it? In short, memory care is a specialized form of care for those with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia. A few things distinguish memory care from different kinds of senior care; a memory care neighborhood is designed with its residents’ safety, comfort, and dignity as the top priority.


Within memory care settings, the neighborhood is thoughtfully designed to prioritize the safety and well-being of its residents. It is established as a secure environment wherein entry and exit points are protected by keypad codes, limiting access solely to authorized staff and visitors. This stringent security measure plays a vital role in ensuring the residents’ safety by effectively preventing any wandering incidents that could lead them beyond the confines of the community. As a result, families and caregivers can have peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones are in a secure and protected space that caters to their specific needs. But aside from these necessary safety measures, a memory care community looks like a home.

Memory care neighborhoods ideally have a brightly lit interior layout that allows for safe exploration by residents. Several vital elements create an environment for memory care residents that promotes comfort and well-being. Including comfortable couches and armchairs offers a relaxing space for rest, while shared areas encourage socialization and engagement in various activities. Moreover, adorned with art, the walls provide a soothing ambiance, promoting a sense of calm for the residents.


Caring for individuals with dementia necessitates a specialized skill set, emphasizing putting the person with dementia at ease and alleviating their stress. Trained memory care staff are compassionate and engage in reminiscing with residents, meeting them at their current cognitive state instead of drawing the resident into the present moment. Reminiscence is crucial to creating an environment that feels safe to residents with impaired cognition, allowing them to connect to the confusing present through long-term memories that have shaped who they are as individuals.

The Hickman’s Unique Approach

At The Hickman, we have integrated the Montessori Inspired Lifestyle® program into our approach to memory care. The Montessori Inspired Lifestyle® program is a philosophy of care that recognizes the person despite dementia, empowering them to live as independently as possible. This approach fits naturally with our Quaker principles of integrity and community and has been transforming our Darlington neighborhood!

With trained staff support, our memory care residents contribute their distinctive strengths and talents to cultivate a tight-knit and welcoming community. Darlington residents embrace a profound sense of ownership over their care, whether through event planning, taking on leadership roles in various activities, or even managing their nail salon.

This empowering approach values each resident for their individuality, allowing them to flourish and take pride in their meaningful contributions within the community.

Montessori-credentialed facilities foster a culture of leadership and staff who are deeply committed to their work, resulting in more engaged residents and greater family satisfaction. The Hickman takes immense pride in announcing our forthcoming achievement of silver status, a significant milestone in our ongoing journey towards earning the esteemed Gold Status as a Montessori Inspired Lifestyle® community. 

In the intricate journey of memory care, choosing the right environment for your loved ones is paramount. The Hickman, with its unique Montessori Inspired Lifestyle® approach, ensures safety, dignity, engagement, and a sense of belonging for its residents. If you’re seeking a community that truly understands and caters to the individual needs of those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, look no further. Reach out to The Hickman today and discover a place where every resident is valued, empowered, and cared for with the utmost compassion.