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Thrive at The Hickman

A Life of Enrichment and Pleasure

At The Hickman, the lifestyle is designed for those who seek to blend the comfort of community living with the vibrancy of active engagement. Our residents enjoy a rich tapestry of activities, from daily exercises to cultural events, ensuring there’s always something to inspire and connect. To enhance this vibrant community experience, we have integrated Lifeloop into our suite of tools. Lifeloop offers a platform for family members to log in and communicate directly with Community Life, view the upcoming activity calendar, and see photos of their resident engaging in activities. This feature ensures that families are always connected and informed, fostering a stronger community bond and enriching the living experience for everyone involved.

“Living here has given my Dad a sense of belonging…a feeling of home.”

-Jayne S.

Activities for an Engaging Lifestyle

A vibrant calendar filled with recreational, social, and spiritual activities awaits each resident at The Hickman, ensuring every day is an opportunity for growth, laughter, and connection. Whether it’s through stimulating exercise classes or serene garden walks, life here is about embracing joy in every moment.

Exercise and Mindfullness

We provide daily exercise and mindfulness activities for our residents.

Box Gardening

Growing plants in boxes at our senior living home, fostering growth and community.

Religious Services and Spirituality

We schedule regular religious and spiritual services for our residents.


We provide an in-house salon for our residents ensuring they can look and feel their best.

Movies and Games

Movie matinee, bingo, trivia, and karaoke are featured for residents' enjoyment.

Resident-Led Clubs

Our vibrant community offers resident-led clubs including active participation in our monthly resident meeting, knitting, classics book club, ukulele and more!

Helping Hands Resident Volunteers

Our dedicated volunteers actively participate in event planning for holidays & cultural events creating a stronger community.

Furry Friend Visits

Weekly furry friend visits provide an opportunity for companionship and socialization among our residents.

Resident Monthly Birthday Party

A joyous celebration of life featuring delightful in-house bakery-style cakes, homemade treats, live entertainment and dancing.

Book Club

Gathering together to read and discuss books, short stories, and plays offers an opportunity to explore new interests and topics.

Dining at The Hickman

Dining at The Hickman is an affair of culinary excellence, where each meal is an opportunity for residents to gather and enjoy the company of friends alongside nourishing, chef-prepared dishes. Our skilled culinary team takes pride in offering a diverse selection of flavorful, healthy options, catering to a variety of dietary needs and preferences. From omelets to sirloin steak, the dining experience here is both a delight to the palate and a cornerstone of our community life.

Celebrating withSpecial Dining Events

Special events at The Hickman bring a festive flair to dining, with meals that are as much a celebration as they are a culinary experience. Seasonal events and themed dinners transform the dining room into a hub of joy and gastronomy, providing residents with memorable moments that go beyond the daily dining routine. These occasions foster a sense of community, make celebrations more special, and offer a taste of the extraordinary.

Culinary Craftsmanship:The Art of Food at The Hickman

The food at The Hickman is a testament to the art of culinary craftsmanship, with a menu that showcases the skill and creativity of our professional chefs. With an array of choices from our menu, including indulgent dinners and light suppers, residents can look forward to meals that are as varied as they are delicious.