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Leap Day Reflections: Preserving Community Wisdom in The Hickman’s Time Capsule

February 29, 2024

Another Leap Year is upon us, and seeing as this occasion only comes but once every four years, we at The Hickman began to ponder—what are the best things about living here? If there is one characteristic of life at The Hickman our current residents could share with residents living here when the next Leap Year rolls around, what might that be?  So, we set out to discover what makes life at The Hickman so great – the insider information, if you will, that they’d like to pass along to future residents. As you can see, their responses paint a picture of caring, community, and comfort—some of the values upon which The Hickman was originally founded back in 1891.

Helpfulness—from both fellow residents and staff—was forefront of the minds of the residents we interviewed about life in our community. A mutual willingness to be there for each other brings out the best in everyone and encourages personal growth no matter the stage in life. Our small, close-knit size has made it easy to cultivate friendships and to know your neighbors, an aspect of life here that our current residents appreciate and imagine that future residents will, as well.

So, today we share their words, and then we’ll be tucking them away into a time capsule of sorts, to be revisited on the next Leap Year in 2028. I don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see how the already 133-year legacy of life at The Hickman continues


“Living here at The Hickman has been happy and helpful. Residents get along and workers are kind and willing.” ~Anne O


“The environment is friendly, and everyone is willing to help. A place I look forward to being in.” ~Ken H.



“Wonderful and friendly, we learn new capabilities, we find new friends.” ~Karen W.


“Life at The Hickman is wonderful – people help each other and enhance each other.” ~Donna A.


“One of the most enjoyable things about living at The Hickman is that it’s a small community. You really get to know your neighbors and you care for each other. Everyone here is so helpful.” ~Nora M.