Harmonizing Vision Loss and Music: More Than Meets the Eye

Music is widely recognized for its numerous benefits, from increasing concentration to lowering stress levels. However, what may come as a surprise is that researchers have delved into the intriguing relationship between music and vision. Some studies have even...

Unveiling Chester County’s Nature Treasures and Trails

There are so many things to love about being outdoors – natural vitamin D, stress reduction, and ease of exercise. Fresh air helps regulate sleep and boosts immunity. As we embrace the numerous advantages of spending time in the great outdoors, it’s clear that...

I’m always recommending The Hickman. As long-time residents in the area, this is our community. Living here has given my Dad a sense of belonging... a feeling of home.”

The staff here really do care. I enjoy the social aspects, and the food is excellent.”

Within the first week, my Dad settled in. Not long after that, he said one day 'I'm glad it was my idea to come here.”

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