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Residents of The Hickman smiling enjoying the weather together at the Hickman.

Benefits of Touring a Senior Living Community in Person

August 31, 2021

After battling a difficult year due to Covid, restaurants, stores, and the rest of the public, including senior living facilities, are beginning to open their doors. This means places like the premier local senior living community in West Chester, The Hickman, are now offering in-person tours for those interested in learning more about the facility and how it works. While virtual tours have helped us gather as much information as we can, it is always better to see a place in person. Especially because it comes with many positive benefits!

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You Have The Opportunity to Truly Meet The People

Many of us find it important to get a better understanding of the people living and working at the facility we are interested in. This means we can observe first-hand what is going on inside – are there popular activities residents attend? Are masks always mandated for staff? By observing the people that make up the facility you are touring, it gives you a better insight as to how you would feel if you or a loved one were to live here among these staff and residents.

You Have The Opportunity to See The Whole Facility

Virtual tours offer a great opportunity to explore layout and design of a room we are interested in, but we understand that is the model room designed to enhance how it looks. Touring a facility in person gives us a better understanding of how clean, organized, and structured the place really is. You might see housekeeping vacuuming at a certain time, laundry being done or even maintenance coming to the rescue to fix a light bulb. By seeing all this in person we can grasp how we feel as if it were our own home.

You Have the Opportunity to Ask Any and All Questions

It might not come as a surprise but we all will have questions about a place we want to learn more about since it is a big decision to make! While we can call and ask our top questions, taking a tour in person might allow you to have more questions than if you took a virtual tour or no tour at all. You might not realize how important all this information is to you until you go there to learn more.

We would love to have you come visit! To learn more about The Hickman, schedule a tour with us today or give us a call.