We Need to Get Comfortable Talking about Death

It happened again recently: someone used the word “if” instead of “when” in referring to their certain, though hopefully distant, death. Sometimes saying “if I die” is appropriate. Maybe you are going to attempt some death-defying acrobatic routine and you want to make sure that your affairs are in order in case the stunt fails. However, I notice that it is pretty common for people to use the phrase “if I die” when what they really mean is “when I die.” They use “if I die” as if they might, in fact, be someone who won’t die.

Considering the Implications of “Aging in Place”

by Pamela Leland, PhD, Executive Director  The increasing desire and trend to “age in place” is well-recognized by those of us who support older adults, or, in other words, to stay in their current home versus move to another home as they grow older and their needs...

Forever Learning

by Charles “Ebbie” Alfree III, Director of Advancement I spent Super Bowl Sunday with my father, a lifelong Eagles fan, and like most families in the area, we had a great time watching the game and celebrating the team’s victory. During my visit, my 72-year-old...

Supporting Others in the Choices They Make

by Pamela Leland, PhD, Executive Director Among those of us who are in the business of providing human services, we often talk about the differences between client or person-centered programs and client or person-directed programs. The language of “person-centered”...

The Importance of Intergenerational Relationships

by Charles “Ebbie” Alfree III, Director of Advancement  I started working for a senior living community in January of 2017; my first time to work in a senior community and for an organization that solely serves seniors. In my first year I have come to admire our...

I’m always recommending The Hickman. As long-time residents in the area, this is our community. Living here has given my Dad a sense of belonging... a feeling of home.”

The staff here really do care. I enjoy the social aspects, and the food is excellent.”

Within the first week, my Dad settled in. Not long after that, he said one day 'I'm glad it was my idea to come here.”

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