Mary Taylor House

The Mary Taylor House is a new construction, senior independent living facility in the heart of the historic Borough of West Chester, PA. The building represents a unique opportunity to offer affordable housing in the midst of a vibrant, thriving community.

Located within three blocks of the center West Chester’s commercial and cultural district, Mary Taylor House residents are well within walking distance of a wide range of shops, churches, banks, restaurants, pharmacies, and community serving facilities such as the Public Library and Chester County Hospital.

The Mary Taylor House physically connects to the existing Hickman facility via a pedestrian bridge over the road between the two buildings.

The new three-and-a-half story 61,340 square-foot building offers 60 affordable apartments to income-qualified seniors throughout the region. The building consists of apartments of comfortable size, between 640 and 840 square feet and contains a full kitchen, individually operated heating and cooling capability and full bathrooms. The building offers common space including a community room, kitchen, laundry rooms on each floor, a library, a wellness room and private, off-street parking.

A myriad of educational and cultural programs are offered on site and residents are also able to participate in select activities within The Hickman community. The Mary Taylor House is a LEED certified, environmentally friendly building featuring many green aspects including West Chester’s first living sedum “green” roof. The building weaves seamlessly into the fabric of the surrounding neighborhood. The exterior façade of the Hickman Expansion has been designed to respond to the unique character of the surrounding, residential neighborhood. The façade is broken down into residentially scaled pieces with recesses that are reminiscent of the gaps between the houses.

There is a demonstrated need for affordable senior housing in both in the Borough of West Chester and in Chester County. In the immediate market area, the number of income-eligible senior households grew by 68%, from 1,508 to 2,534, between 2000 and 2007; that number will continue to grow in the coming decades. The Landscapes Managing Change in Chester County 1996-2020, plan identified the growth in senior population as one of the major public policy challenges facing the county in the next quarter century. The County has seen only 900 units of affordable housing (family and senior) come on line in the last 20 years and there has been no affordable housing production for the last three years. Apartment rents for the Mary Taylor House are based on the residents’ financial picture.

To ensure Mary Taylor House residents have the same access to high quality accommodations and opportunities that Hickman residents have long enjoyed, The Hickman has partnered with Pennrose Management Company, which has a proven record in developing and managing affordable senior housing in the region. For more information about Mary Taylor House contact Pennrose Management Company at (610) 692-2261.